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Robbie McCallum

For 30 years Robbie has created film, TV 

and promos in the UK, US and Africa. He is a BAFTA Nominee and Award Winning film maker and has a deep knowledge of working with actors, performers, entrepreneurs and business communicators. He's also a great laugh.


The Studio

The Underdog solves many production issues. With the pre-lit lighting rig, 

professional backdrops, great natural light, superb acoustics and city centre access, the studio ticks all the right boxes.


Free Lighting Hire

The lighting rig comes loaded with the industry standard 5-point lighting set up. Separate lighting for the background or greenscreen is also included. You just define your look and you're ready to shoot. And there's no cable spaghetti or tripod legs to trip over.


Control & Versatility

The rig allows you to place the lights anywhere

in the studio at any angle or direction. With the Bowens Mount system to quickly add

diffusers, barn-doors, modifiers, grids, gels and

accessories, the options are limitless.

And did we mention... that's all included.


Great Natural Light

The studio also benefits from a 2m x 5m 

bank of industrial windows which overlook a quiet atrium, so the light is plentiful yet more 

constant than direct sunlight. We've also got blackout blinds and sound-curtains for those fussy DOPs... and vampires.


Crisp, Clear Audio

Located in the building's quiet interior the studio is acoustically treated with baffle boards and base-traps to allow for a rich, natural, echo-free audio recording. Our Sennheiser shot-gun kit and rig-boom come as standard.


4k and Full HD Video

Recording 4K on the Sony FS5M2 or HD with the full-frame Canon 5D MkIII cameras also come as standard. And yes we've even thrown in a full range of kit-lenses for free. You just frame up, press record and start creating.

Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 16.44.58.png

Green Screen Magic

With a 6m wide x 3m high x 3m deep green screen, presenters and performers can roam freely and interact with others as they deliver, allowing for a more relaxed and interesting performance. But remember, no fly-away hair or shiny costumes!

Underdog Directions.png

Travel Time Hero

A film studio with great acoustics usually involves a schlep to some wind-swept industrial estate

We're in the bustling heart of Brighton's 

New England Quarter, with its cafes, shops and restaurants, just 275m from the train station. That's 4mins by foot! 

If you're still here then you're seriously looking to create quality video content. Give Robbie a call on the number below, discuss your project and book your session. 

Still not reaching for the diary?  Check out our studio pricing...

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